The Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary commenced operations on March 1st, 1916 with the purpose of providing the community with affordable medication.
Today these same principles apply and have been extended to allow us to support the community at large with grants funded from our profits.

The Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary has no private owners or shareholders. It is owned and operated by its members for the benefit of the community.
Every year over $300,000 is returned to the community in the form of discounts to members and grants to various local organisations.

Some of our Key People:

Jane: General Manager

janeMy name is Jane Hall and I am the General Manager of the Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary.

I have been in Pharmacy for over 40 years. I love to travel but no matter where we go we always return home to the Borough. I love the values of the Borough people. I enjoy a good laugh, practice Yoga and meditate daily.

We have a great team at the Dispensary who are very knowledgeable and helpful and are always good for a laugh. We also have very dedicated and professional Pharmacists who are always happy to speak with you and help solve any issues you may have.

Drop in and see us today!


Sarah: Pharmacist In Charge

I have worked in Pharmacy for 10 years and been at Eaglehawk UFS for over 5 years.

I completed my first degree in Pharmacology and Neuroscience before moving to Bendigo to complete my Pharmacy degree at La Trobe University.

I am very interested in providing a holistic approach to health care in particular the use of vitamins and homeopathy in pharmacy.

The thing I love about being a pharmacist is the satisfaction I get after helping customers.

Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary provides a professional yet friendly environment and it is wonderful to be part of a team dedicated to providing solutions to customers’ unique problems.


Marlene: Retail Manager

marleneMy name is Marlene Hammer and I have been a Pharmacy Assistant for more than 25 years. I have been at Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary for 20 of those years.

As Retail Manager I strive to give the best customer service that I can. I enjoy listening to the customer and assisting with their every need. I also enjoy working with all of the Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacists and General Manager that we have here at the Dispensary.

I find that the Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary provides a rewarding job as it combines retail and Community Pharmacy and allows me to be part of a dedicated team. It’s a job where you keep learning something new every day.